Cats, Loafers, and Watermelon

About 16 years ago my Grandma Frances (my Dad’s mom) passed away.  I was a freshman in high school at the time, and my sister, a few of my girl cousins (and a friend) and I were heading on a road trip to a basketball game at the University of Missouri in Columbia when we got the phone call that she had passed away.  It was expected, but heartbreaking.  She was beautiful, kind, Catholic, and deeply and unexpectedly funny.

Now, I can’t remember all the details (because I’m an old lady), but I believe each of us grandkids got to pick out a few things from her house to have.  One of the things I chose was this:

kitty magnet

It’s a kitty magnet, and it’s a favorite of mine.  It lives on my refrigerator. I don’t know who made it and/or bought it, but every time I see it, it reminds me of my Grandma Frances, and it makes me smile.  (Side note to family:  if any of you know where this kitty came from, I’d love to know.)

This kitschy, glam cat seemed like something worth sharing with everyone, so I’ve decided to make some to sell in my Etsy shop.  They’ll be up for sale either tomorrow or by Monday.  I’ve only made two so far: one black and one cream, but they’re so fun to make that I’ll have more up for sale soon.  A link to my Etsy shop is on the right of this page, but nothing’s in there yet.  (Sorry for the terrible phone pics.  It’s all I’m able to take photos with for a while yet.)

The black one I’m calling Frances and the cream cat is called Dorthea (my Grandma’s middle name).

Well, now that the cat’s out of the bag (…get it…cat.  Sorry, that was bad, it must be bad joke Thursday) I have some finished little shoes to show you all.

little loafers

Two pairs for Jack and one for my new little niece (she hasn’t arrived yet, but soon).  Shawna, Jack’s mom, got the honor of (me texting her this morning and bugging her to choose) picking the buttons.  Good choice. :)

I have one more pattern that I want to try (I’ll show you tomorrow), so Jack will get at least one more pair of little shoes for spring.

And just for fun and because I had a little left of one of my favorite yarns (Knitpicks Swish Tonal Worsted, which is apparently being discontinued), I made these:


Little watermelon loafers!  Really bright and sweet and cute, aren’t they?  I think I’ll put these up in my Etsy shop too (which is okay because the writer of the pattern gives permission).

Well, I’m off to a dentist appointment, but tune in tomorrow when I will actually show you some recently finished knitting (since this is to be mostly a knitting blog and all).


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