Hold ‘Em Then Give ‘Em Back

I have two kids that I’m extremely fond of, but they are old now.  And by ‘old’ I mean that they are no longer babies; they are 9 and 6.

my kids
Dodge and Tilly (these are nicknames, but it’s what they most often get called around here)

Yep, that’s them.  And they’re lots of fun and really cute, and Tilly is still small enough that I can knit a lot of things for her pretty quickly…

But not as fast as I can make things for babies! :) I love other people’s babies; I can hold them, then give them back and get plenty of sleep.  It’s magical.  Lucky for me, my cousin, Shawna, had a baby a few months back.  A little boy.  And last week I mentioned that I was gonna get started on some new little, crocheted loafers for him.  I think I’ll test out a few patterns, but the one I’m working on now is a pattern from The Stitch House.  “Little Loafers” by Cassi Ence.  It’s clearly written and has an adorable picture of the little shoes. I obviously haven’t finished these yet, but they’ll be done in no time at all.

little loafers
I’m crocheting these with an F size hook and Vanna’s Choice yarn in the color ‘Linen.’

I like these so much that I might need to make a very tiny pair for my niece that’s going to arrive soon.  That’s right…another baby! Yay! My sister-in-law, Corrie, is due any day now, and we’re all super excited.  I made a few items in time for the baby shower last month.  The shower theme and the nursery colors were/are lavender and gray.

The pattern is the ‘Wee Newborn Fairy Bonnet‘ by Samantha Caffee on Ravelry.
This is the 'Ribbed Baby Jacket' by Debbie Bliss.
Pattern:  ‘Ribbed Baby Jacket‘ by Debbie Bliss.


That last photo is of the baby blanket/shawl.  I used a snowdrop lace pattern for the middle, then picked up stitches for a garter stitch edge, and bound off with picots.  The edges look a little distorted, but it has a nice appeal in person.

The baby is due on the 15th of this month…let’s see if I can get anything extra knitted/crocheted before my niece arrives.

In the meantime, which buttons do you think look better with the Little Loafers?  The ones on the left? on the right? or different buttons altogether?



4 thoughts on “Hold ‘Em Then Give ‘Em Back

  1. Wow, awesome job on the blogging/crafting! I feel woefully underachieving in comparison. :) Seriously cute loafers and I like the buttons on the left. Also that baby blanket is a beautiful piece of needlework!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Larissa. :) No need to feel underachieving. When I’m making this much stuff, it just means other areas of my life are being woefully ignored…like housework and other less fun things. Oh, and thanks for your opinion on the buttons. I like those too.


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