Winter Forward! Okay, Spring Forward…(it’s still winter though)

Happy Monday!  :)  Too chipper?

I have some finished knitting to show you.  Get a good look because it’s being mailed today.

knitted scarf
This extra soft, squishy, warm, tube of a scarf will (hopefully) dispel all arctic temperatures in the Midwest from coming around until next winter.
Stella in the scarf
My daughter, Tilly, was kind enough to model this for me. She’s wearing it folded in half.

 Now on to other topics…

This morning was a little tough getting my kids out of bed for school, but we managed.    The weekend was busy with birthday parties (Happy 7th Birthday to my niece, Jules; hope your party was great!),  sleepovers, daylight savings, knitting, crocheting, craftiness, trying to keep up with the ever evolving mounds of housework and laundry, and some thrift store shopping…one of my favorite things.

The thrift stores around here have 50% off sales on Saturdays, and so, I went on my mission to find a certain kind of chair I’ve been hunting for.  My wonderful, and handy husband, Ben, is going to help me turn these beauties into a wooden bench.

thrift store chairs
I picked these chairs up for $3/piece…I basically, just bought them for the metal frames.

Can’t picture it?  Don’t worry, I’ll post a picture when we get this project finished.

While I was looking for the chairs, I happened upon a favorite thing of mine, copies of The Workbasket.  This was a little “home arts” magazine published in Kansas City, MO from 1935 to 1996.  A few years ago, my Aunt Annette, seeing as I’m crafty, thought I’d be interested in having some copies she’d found (…probably in the basement; it’s one of those magical basements that has stored a million things and seen children play).

The Workbasket
These copies are mostly from the 1950s and 1960s. Thank you Aunt Annette!

 They have knitting and crochet patterns, recipes, and tips for women who want to make money selling crafty things.


My favorite thing about these magazines though, is that they belonged (on my Dad’s side of the family)  to my Great Grandma Hahsler.  Her name was Stella. I never got to meet Grandma Hahsler, but if she was crafty, she had to have been a wonderful lady.

Well, I’m off to catch up on some (more) laundry, but here’s my favorite of the magazines I got this weekend:

knitted squirrel outfit from the 80s
Gotta love the 80s.


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